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Radnor Jazz Express: 40.041809, -75.384836
Rented Mule: 40.040955, -75.382218
The Notables: 40.041288, -75.379863
TSP: 40.041177, -75.378941
Daddy Claxton and the Squallin\' Hobos: 40.040446, -75.377498
Rising Stars: 40.040364, -75.376832
St. Katharine\'s: 40.042105, -75.381896
Police: 40.041013, -75.381532
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Radnor Jazz Express

A Radnor High School student-led group that plays a wide range of favorites from classical jazz to standards to contemporary pop.
201 Windermere

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Rented Mule

A foot-stompin’ blend of traditional and contemporary bluegrass music blended beautifully on the mandolin, guitar, banjo, dobro, bass, and heart-felt vocals.
234 Windermere

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The Notables
The Haverford School's a capella choir thrives by Beethoven's adage, "Music is a higher revelation than all wisdom and philosophy." The Notables vast repertoire covers genres from classical to pop.
319 St. Davids
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With a great depth of musicality and beautiful harmonies, Benjamin Le (guitar and vocals), J.D.  Dougherty (guitar and vocals) and Lisa Baglione (vocals), impart their love of acoustic rock and folk music.
325 Pembroke

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Daddy Claxton and the Squallin' Hobos
Listening to Lee Creasy and his Squallin' Hobos bring you back to a time, before recordings, when families walked out to the porch after dinner, instruments in hand, and played folk tunes.
416 St. Davids

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Rising Stars

The session begins with Alex Oliva, a singer-songwriter who plays the piano and specializes in pop, R&B, and really loves to sing Motown. Maxie Mandel will follow Alex. Maxie's songs are a mix of folk, jazz, rock and indie pop. She plays piano, bass, electric and acoustic guitars and drums in addition to her first love -- vocals.
420 St. Davids

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St. Katharine's


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Police Crossing