As announced on WXPN, South Wayne PorchFest celebrated its 3rd year, providing PorchFest-goers with a Saturday of free music played on the porches of South Wyane. From 11:30a.m. until 5p.m., PorchFest offered everything from Acapella to Zydeoc. Over 2,000 music lovers strolled down Midland Avenue, St. Davids Road and Windermere Avenue, hearing something that caught their ears, imaginations, and hearts.  Lawn chairs were opened, blankets laid, and adults, teens, ‘tweens, children, and even their pets all enjoyed the day’s musical fare that included over 60 artists (see the schedule for details).


Saturday, September 15th, 2018 was a fun-filled day of FREE music on the porches of South Wayne, Pennsylvania – a huge success. Well over 1,000 adults, kids and canines walked the closed streets, visiting 24 porches, and seeing 51 performances covering an amazing variety of musical genres.


September 9, 2017 was the First Annual South Wayne Porch Fest and what a success – over 500 folks taking in the 34 different performances from A Capella to Zen Torpedos. For details of the day, check out the incredible list of performances and the day’s complete schedule. The stroll down St. Davids Rd. and Windermere Ave. caught everyone’s imagination and their hearts.