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Zen Torpedo: 40.041661, -75.384901
Jimi Kenrick: 40.041021, -75.382991
Ted Latham: 40.041415, -75.381832
Fileman\'s Oblique Standards: 40.041288, -75.379863
How to Trick a Bear: 40.041177, -75.378941
John McManus: 40.040889, -75.377390
Rising Stars: 40.040364, -75.376832
St. Katharine\'s: 40.042105, -75.381896
Police: 40.041013, -75.381532
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Zen Torpedo

Original songs evoke a nostalgic, R&B retrospective akin to Tom Petty, Black Keys, Allman Brothers, but with a modern twist!
201 Windermere

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Jimi Kenrick

A local trio of seasoned musicians creating new music with clever songwriting and twisting some unexpected covers. Influences include Elvis Costello, Lyle Lovett, Bonnie Rait and classic rock and blues. Acoustic/electric, bass & drums.
214 Windermere

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Ted Latham

The Director of Liturgical Music for St. Katharine's Parish will be featured on guitar and lead vocals, as well as joined by other members of the choir for a variety of hymns and worship songs.
325 Windermere

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Fileman's Oblique Standards

Acoustic and electric renderings of minor classics and forgotten favorites from a variety of pop, folk, rock, country and blues genres.
319 St. Davids

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How to Trick a Bear
With influences from Americana to 80's pop, from bluegrass to Brit-rock, you are bound to find songs that appeal to your sense of great songwriting and
325 Pembroke
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John McManus

Indie singer-songwriter counts Bob Dylan, Ryan Adams, The Beatles, and Tegan and Sara, as his major influences.
413 St. Davids

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Rising Stars

The Morellas, an indie rock band, will kick off the session performing originals and covers that everyone can sing along. Micaela Shackleford & Chris Krein will then cover a variety of music within the rock genre, including Green Day, Nirvana, and the Beatles.
420 St. Davids

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St. Katharine's


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Police Crossing